Liverpool v FC Sion: LFC Player Ratings

Rant of a Rebel

Simon MignoletSimon Mignolet: Simon nearly won the ‘Golden Glove’ last season you know. It’s a special award that the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets in a season gets, and Simon nearly won it. That right there shows you why ‘facts’ are not always a good thing, isn’t that right Rafa? Migs had very little to do last night in fairness. With about 75 minutes gone, he had faced one shot on target, and it had gone into the net. Again, (repeat readers of this blog will know I’ve made this point before) I am not blaming Migs for the goal conceded. I’m merely pointing out that some clubs have goalkeepers that do something extra, something extraordinary, making saves when they are not expected to, and thus winning their side games. Last night could have been that moment for Migs and for LFC. It wasn’t. 5/10. 

Emre CanEmre Can: Yeah, he was…

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