Liverpool v Manchester United: A Preview


The two biggest and best clubs in English Football (Yes, that is a dig at you Arsenal…and Chelsea…and City…and…everyone else to be honest) do battle tomorrow at Anfield as 6th meets 10th in the Premier League table. I kinda built that up before shattering it, didn’t I…

Both sides are on the back of thrilling 3-3 draws in midweek, but may enter this game in very different spirits. Liverpool scored a late, late equaliser whereas United conceded a late, late equaliser to Newcastle.

Edward Woodward Equaliser
Now THAT is a Chief Executive…

That late equaliser against Manchester United is ironic really, since ‘The Equaliser’ was played by Edward Woodward in the 1980’s, and he passed away in 2009, so he’s a ‘Late Equaliser’, and Manchester United are run by a man called Edward Woodward. Spooky, eh? I know which Edward Woodward would have been the most benefit to Manchester United, that’s for sure.

Edward Woodward Man United
…compared to this fanny.

Manchester United are in an odd situation. When they defend solidly, they’re as unlikely to score as Donald Trump at a ‘Ladies of the Democratic Party Convention’. Yet when they cut loose and score freely, they’re as useless at the back as, well, Liverpool. Quite the conundrum for Louis van Gaal who has been losing the rag at all and sundry recently.

Louis Van Gaal Alien
Louis van Gaal

Manchester United are waiting on the fitness of Schweinsteiger while they have a decision to make on whether or not to start with Juan Mata, who scored a stunning goal in their victory at Anfield last season.

Liverpool are at the start of the ‘Klopp Revolution’, and are nothing if not inconsistent right now. They can turn it on and annihilate the likes of Manchester City or Chelsea (less of a boast this season admittedly), yet can also capitulate pathetically at Watford or West Ham. Jurgen will be hoping that Roberto Firmino had a ‘coming of age’ moment with his two goals against Arsenal and can now kick-on and provide him with a real threat up-front, something sorely lacking for Liverpool for almost two seasons now.

Jurgen Klopp Suit
A Handsome Bastard

Liverpool will hope to be unchanged from Wednesday night as they are waiting for the likes of Skrtel, Lovren and Sturridge (stop giggling) to return to fitness.

A win for the home team will see them draw level on points with Manchester United and could well tip the scales of power against Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford. Indeed a victory for Liverpool could end the incredibly successful and colourful career of the Dutchman.



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