Liverpool v Sevilla: Europa League Final: LFC Player Ratings

Simon Mignolet Yellow

Simon Mignolet:


Four Shots On Target.

Three Goals Conceded.

One Decent Save.

Ta-Ra Migs. Thanks for the memories. I still wake up screaming.


Nathaniel Clyne

Nathaniel Clyne:


A rare thing – a player to come out of last night with some credit. Only some mind you.

His attacking forays in the first half were exceptional, as were his final balls. A beautiful cross led to a Daniel Sturridge header that almost gave us the lead. Another sizzling cross somehow evaded everyone when it seemed easier to score. He saw the space afforded to him by Sevilla and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

In essence Patsy Clyne has become the full-back we hoped Alberto Moreno might have become. Decent on the front foot with some semblance of defensive ability and awareness on the back foot.

Is there better out there? Probably. Is there room for improvement for Clyne under Klopp? Definitely. See you next season Patsy. Probably.


Dejan Lovren

Dejan Lovren:


Ah here…no way…not again, surely….

I’m not saying that Dejan was terrible but when the pressure was applied in the second half, he wasn’t excellent, when we really, really needed excellent.

The reason I’m saying ‘not again, surely’ is because his performance last night reminded me of the early days of Martin Skrtel. He can appear decent, even commanding at times, but does he have it within him to be a LEADER? A man who will rise above everything (including his own limitations) for the cause? Like a Carragher…or a Hyypia…

His improvement this season has been well-documented, but matches like last night separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the Bobby Moore’s from the John Terry’s. Last night Dejan was a little boy playing in chaff wearing a John Terry replica kit.

I suspect he’ll be facing some significantly tougher competition for a place next season.


Kolo Toure



Herr Klopp is going to make some very big calls this summer (and some not so big, to be honest) as he decides who is in and who is out of his squad.

The word on the street is that KOLO shall be released to roam the earth in search of yet another deserving cause which he can apply his talents towards, as he has done for the past six millenia……

That may well be one of the biggest calls Jurgen has to make, as last night, when Liverpool Football Club needed leaders (in a major European final for the first time without a Gerrard or a Carragher or a Souness or a Dalglish or a Smith etc), KOLO answered the call and led by example.

He was our Man Of The Match. Sensational. He caught players with far more pace than him, using pure willpower. He blocked, hassled, surged forward…you name it, KOLO did it. However he has reached a certain age now (657,836 years of age at last count) where his best days are behind him. Jurgen wants to build his own team. Logically it may make sense to release KOLO.

Yet my heart says something very different. Your move Jurgen….


Alberto Moreno

Alberto Moreno: 


How fitting that in a major European Final, Alberto Moreno delivered his best ever performance….


If you come out before the match stating that you wouldn’t celebrate the winner in this match because it’s against your old side, and you then perform wonders for your old side through sheer incompetence, then you have a major problem on your hands Bertie.

His positional play leaves NASA satellites searching for him, without success. His decision making makes Donald Trump seem like Yoda. His tackling is worse than Steven Hawking.

The rumour mill has seen LFC linked with young left-backs, perhaps because Bertie was seen as the future.

If that hasn’t changed by this morning, I despair.



James Milner: 


We shall look back on this final in 12 months time and marvel at how we were captained by a player who can’t get anywhere near the first team anymore….

James Milner in central midfield, at this level, is a very bad idea. Very  bad. Very, very bad. His selection ahead of The Lord Joe Allen was as treacherous as anything Judas Iscariot did back in the day.

Milners best work in recent weeks has come from wide areas, where he has delivered exceptional crosses and passes. He has never in his whole career been chosen to play in central midfield by any number of managers. There’s a reason for that. I’m looking at you Jurgen….

I doubt he’ll leave. He can be a very important squad member next season. However he shall NEVER be the central midfield lynch-pin he thinks he can be.


Emre Can

Emre Can:


Oh Emre…

Named as a right-back in the German National Squad on Tuesday, and now you can kind of see why….

He’s young. He’s got immense potential. He’s coming back from an injury that should have seen his season end a few weeks ago. All of these are mitigating factors but they cannot hide the fact that Emre had his arse served to him on a Spanish Platter in the second half last night. When the white tide surged, Emre drowned.



Adam Lallana

Adam Lallana: 


At 28 years of age Adam Lallana may not have many more of these nights ahead of him, and last night he played like it.

When numerous players disappointed on the night, Adam can look people in the eye, as at least he got bloody stuck in. He charged into challenges and displayed more urgency and desire than most of his teammates.

In fact you suspect that he may have overdone it as he was hauled ashore by Jurgen to make way for The Lord Joe.

A guaranteed starter next season? Nah. He shouldn’t feel bad though, as I can only be confident about TWO who are….


 Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho: 


Dearest Philippe,

That hurt me, to my core.

We’ve had our ups and downs this season, but the one thing I always believed, deep down in my soul, is that we would always, ALWAYS, be there for each other.

You stood me up last night, without so much as a text or a viber or a whatsapp message to explain why.

I’m afraid that I can’t take this anymore. I want us to take a break from each other this summer. I need to find myself again…work out who I am….and what I want….

Take care of yourself.



Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino:


How on earth Bobby was hauled ashore for Origi before a certain P. Coutinho, I’ll never understand.

Granted he wasn’t at his usual best, but he put in a decent shift, and certainly tried to make things happen more than most. I’m still scratching my head about that one.

As with most players, he didn’t get a sniff in the second half as the team fell apart. However his first half performance was very good, showing for the ball, holding it up well, linking well with teammates and pressing hard.

Bobby F is my FIRST guaranteed starter next season. Let’s see if I’m right….


Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge:


As you may know, I am a co-host of the world’s greatest football podcast (independently voted as such by my Mam), and on said podcast my esteemed colleague who shall remain nameless said that Daniel Sturridge is England’s 4th choice striker behind Kane/Vardy & Rooney.


I fully respect his opinion, as well as his podcast abilities. However I disagree.


If the team had been able to get the ball in the second half, who knows what may have happened. Daniel finishes as our top scorer with 13 goals in all competitions, despite only playing about a quarter of the season. What’s 13 x 4? Oh aye, 52. FIFTY TWO GOALS….

I’m going to nail my colours to the mast once more…..Daniel Sturridge is my SECOND guaranteed starter next season. Assuming he doesn’t break again.



Joe Allen Jesus Christ

The Lord Joe: 


How the mighty have fallen.

Whereas JC was nailed to a wooden cross, The Lord Joe was nailed to a plastic bench. His subsequent resurrection was too late to affect the outcome of this game.

We may never see The Lord Joe play for Liverpool again. If this is the case, I hope his ascension into heaven (or Swansea) is a smooth one.

Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us Joe. We will always worship you.


Benteke Vitality

Christian Benteke:

He came on. He ran around a bit. He earned obscene amounts of money.

He gave away lots of FK’s.

It was a fairly suitable farewell cameo, truth be told. Goodbye Christan, don’t let the door smack your large buttocks on the way out.


Divock Origi

Divock Origi: 

When you spring a child from the bench who has only just learned how to walk again, you know your squad is a bit too thin….

He came on in a hopeless situation. Hopefully he’ll face less hopeless situations in the future. I hope.


Jurgen Klopp Unhappy

Manager: Jurgen Klopp: 


And so here we are Jurgen. Just you and me left. The season is over. No trophies and an 8th place finish.

Yes, it was not your squad. Yes, you only took over in October. However those excuses expired at the full-time whistle last night. They’re gone, evaporated forever.

This is your baby now Herr Klopp. The next judgement made about your tenure at LFC shall be based on what you do from here on in. Expectation? Let me tell you about expectation, shall I?

You have no European Football next season. You have a full summer to make the transfers you want: Ship out the dross, Ship in the class. You have had 8 months to assess the squad you inherited, and to get those you want to keep up to speed on your methods and tactics.

You know who faced a similar situation not so long ago Jurgen? Brendan Rodgers…

You know what Brendan Rodgers did in a similar situation Jurgen? Almost won the league….

You know where Brendan Rodgers is now Jurgen? Aye, on the way to CELTIC….

You know who won the league this year Jurgen? Leicester City….

Expectation? You better bloody believe there’s expectation Jurgen…..



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