Home Sweet Home…At Last


At long last Anfield will host a Premier League game in the 2016/17 season, as the main stand is complete, the corporate seat cushions are plumped and the Kop is at fever pitch as it finally gets to acclaim its heroes in the Saturday evening kick off against Leicester City. Quite who’s idea it was to invite Jamie Vardy to the housewarming party is anyone’s guess.

It’s fair to say that the pressure is ramped up on Jurgen Klopp and his troops as they enter this game with a league record that is best described as ‘meh’, with four points from their first three away games against admittedly tough opposition in Burnley and Spurs, as well as the usual soft pushovers at the Emirates.

The Premier League champions have an identical record from their opening three games as they strive to prove everyone wrong once more and demonstrate that last season wasn’t the biggest sporting anomaly since Foinavon won the Grand National. It’s a lost cause in all truth – they could win the league for the next six years running and in 2022 everybody would still be scratching their head saying ‘Leicester City? It’ll never last’.

They’re all taking dives ref…all of them…

Anybody choosing a Liverpool defender in their fantasy football ranks should immediately seek medical help. To say that the reds look ropey at the back is like saying Donald Trump looks a tad orange of complexion. This does however provide opportunity for those of a Manchester/Everton/Leicester disposition to fill their boots by throwing Riyad Mahrez into their team. Admittedly the Algerian has had better days than Gameweek 3 which included a missed penalty and zero points against the mighty Swansea City (AT HOME!), but he may well be licking his lips at the prospect of facing James ‘Milly’ Milner on the right wing this evening.

Coutinho Firmino Lallana

Conversely, the Liverpool attack has looked breathtaking at times this season and the only challenge for Fantasy Football guru’s such as yourself is to work out which players are going to come up trumps each week. Sadio Mané has caught the eye with his displays against the North London Chuckle Brothers and could relish a chance to strut his stuff at his new home. However the likes of Coutinho, Lallana and Firmino have all been prominent – Is this the time to lobby the #FPL Rules Committee to relax the ‘Three Players From Each Club Max’ rule? The movement starts here.

Both sides will be hoping for a win to kickstart their campaign as the new Main Stand at Anfield is unveiled to display it’s shiny new seats and plush new carpets. Let’s just hope Jamie Vardy doesn’t turn up and sh*t on the rug.


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